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Who We Are

HAP Capital's market-making strategies utilize proprietary applications to make pricing decisions in a consistent, rational, and disciplined manner. We compete for the right to transact with other market participants on the basis of superior price and speed of execution. Acting as a liquidity and efficiency provider to the marketplace, we identify the demand for specific equity and index options and proactively demonstrate our willingness to buy or sell to satisfy that demand.


HAP Capital's individual portfolio managers speed the market price discovery process while extracting expected value in an environment constructed to enable, promote and reward proven alpha and well thought out risk-taking.


With over a decade of consistent successes, HAP Capital extracts value and provides efficiency to the markets through our market-making and portfolio managers.


HAP Capital differentiates itself from most other firms in the space in its internally developed quantitative approach to its trading strategy and business model.

Superior Technology and Outstanding People

We recruit talent from the top math and engineering schools.  Present members of our Software and Quantitative teams hail from Carnegie Mellon, Michigan, Duke, Princeton, MIT, Columbia and Cornell among others. With over 80+ individuals, HAP employees have a unique opportunity to impact the direction and growth of the firm given our size and flat org structure. We offer a fine balance of Tech, Trading, & Research in an entrepreneurial environment where we use cutting edge technology and have the ability to bring things to market via our unique machine learning approach.

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